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    The Maine Assembly is populated by ordinary people on Maine who are exercising their power as the source of all delegated powers in government. We are the self-governing body politic that ensures that government is lawful, accountable and responsible to the people.

~The Maine Assembly ~

The true strength of The Maine Assembly rests with the people, their knowledge base, and solidarity of purpose. When we the people understand that the purpose of government is to protect us, that we are the employers, and that our government employees have contractual obligations— then we can stand together to enforce those obligations. It's no longer just one man on a crusade, but families, communities, and yes, a whole State, and then many States, all connected and functioning from a shared knowledge, history, and vision.

Anna Article 299-Fundamental American Government Structure:

Fundamentals --- Read This First (

                                                           ~Our Story~

We are real, living and breathing Americans who have corrected and recorded our proper political status and returned to the Land and Soil. Our founding fathers commissioned us with the task of self-governance from the very beginning. We are aware of the difference between American History and U.S. History. Authentic American History is not taught in public schools.

The men and women in The Maine Assembly all sensed that something was just not right with the ‘de facto’ government. As you read through this website, you may come to realize we all have been mis-characterized.

We are helping others “come home” to the Land and Soil. The 50 States’ Assemblies are all peacefully working to reconstruct our Lawful Government that has been dormant for over 150 years.

This website is dedicated to helping people learn how their unalienable rights have been infringed upon and how to go about correcting their status.

We encourage you to continue your educational journey using website. We are here to help you.

Self-Governance for the Rest of Us:                            

use the search bar, to key in any word/topic you wish to learn about:    Anna von Reitz weblink!

      ~Who We Are

                 Living Men & Women





                 Your neighbors

                 Pro American

                 Truth and Justice seekers

                 American State Nationals

                                                    Who We Are Not ~

                                                        Not a political party

                                                        Not a religious organization

                                                        Not extremists

                                                        Not conspiracy theorists

                                                        Not looking for profit

                                                        Not Slaves

                                                        Not Chattel

                                                        Not wards of the State

                                                        Not Sovereign Citizens

                                                                                                                                                                                           ~The Assembly Structure~

The General Assembly

International Business Assembly

The Jural Assembly

Assembly Militia
Each pillar comprises committees which need

to be populated with eligible Nationals.

Basic Committee Structure


             ~The General Assembly~

Those of us who actively participate, meet in-people face to face once a month. We have adopted Rules of Decorum in order to expedite moving through the Agenda. We discuss topics and items related to public law, and how to manage our state assets, infrastructure, and resources.

There are also four Zoom Meetings held per month each on a Wednesday evening at 7pm EST time for one-hour. This time is generally dedicated to educational pieces.

The General Assembly is populated by living people and this is where the decision making power of "We The People" lies. Those who volunteer their services on a committee are nominated, and if needed, vetted.

                   ~The Jural Assembly~

Jural Assembly meetings are Special Meetings organized by the active members of the Jural Assembly. We are calling the eligible Maine Nationals and Electors to assemble and to serve as Jurors and Officers.

This constructs the American Common Law Court system which upholds and enforces Public Law, gives standing to our Peacekeepers and Militia Officials, and acts as the checks and balance system for any legislation passed by the other branches of State and Federal governments - through the process of Jury Nullification.

             ~The Business Assembly~

The Business Assembly is populated by People selected by the General Assembly to fulfill "offices" - who function year round to conduct the day to day routine business needs of the General Assembly.

"This includes issuing Public Notices, conducting elections, preparing ballot initiatives for the General Assembly, overseeing use and sale of State resources and serving as an interface for communications with the Federal Government. This Assembly can call the General Assembly into Special Session, if needed."*

This Assembly also interfaces with the other States of the Union to conduct business and trade internationally per the General Assembly’s directives.

           ~Assembly Militia aka "people"~

Assembly Militias often meet before or after the General Assembly meetings, but many also maintain a weekend schedule for training, and to exercises and conduct business unique to the militia.

All able-bodied members of the Assembly between the ages of 21 and 65 are expected to actively support their militia in one way or another, either as active militia or acting in support, supply, communication, and administrative positions.

                             Other Land and Soil Jurisdiction Structures:

              ~Peacekeeping Task Force~

All American State Nationals comprehend the Responsibility to maintain the Peace, uphold the Public Law, - to do no harm to another or their property, and be non-combatant.

The Peacekeeping Task Force is populated by people who step up to serve the public in additional capacities as Peacekeeping Officials.

The County Sheriff of the Land and Soil Jurisdiction is the highest level of Peacekeeping Official under the Law in his/her County.

The State Marshals serve at the State level and also act as an interface between the State and the Continental Marshals.

The Continental Marshals serve in the International Jurisdiction as well as in Interstate matters and are a mirror for, and interface with, the U.S. Marshals service who serve in the Defacto corporate structure.

                    ~State Coordinators~

Coordinators volunteer and play a key role in our reconstruction and it cannot be done without them! Their role is to assist and oversee the assembling process and serve as liaisons between the Federation and their State Assembly during this organizational process.

The Coordinators, both State and County, work for the Federation. They are not elected State or County officials, nor are they appointed by the State Assembly. As they work for the Federation, the Federation has the hiring and firing responsibility.

They try to honor the desires of the local assembly, but sometimes it is not in the best interest of the assembly to do so. The important thing to know is that the Federation always has the Assembly’s safety as its number one priority, so their actions will always be in line with what is best for the Assembly.

                     ~The Federation~

The Federation of States was created very early on— September 1776— as a means for the States to act together as one body in international and global jurisdictions. The Federation has no national level powers at all and is not in itself a sovereign body. The

Federation is an agency of the States representing the sovereign bodies of the States of the Union in the foreign international and global jurisdictions.

                      ~The Confederation~

First, there was the Union of (E)states formed by the original United Colonies: The United States. Second, that same year of 1776, there was the unincorporated Federation of the same States of the Union: The United States of America. Third, five years later, in 1781, The United States of America's member States created "Confederate" States and organized them as a Confederation under The Articles of Confederation. This Confederation operated under the business name: The States of America. It's members were all "States of States" created as business organizations run by the States of the Union. So--- you have: The United States (1776) The United States of America (1776) The States of America (1781) All this was happening in the middle of The War of Independence -- long before there were any Constitutions or any "Federal" entities other than The United States of America--- which was, is, and has always remained an unincorporated Federation of unincorporated and sovereign States of the Union

~The American States Assembly~

The Maine Assembly is part of the American States Assembly

Maine, with the other 49 State Assemblies, as the Federation of States, The United States of America, 

     are working to reconstruct the missing American Government on both the State and Federal Levels.

                First, we must rebuild and recharter the unincorporated Confederation of States of States doing business 

                  as The States of America, which was first formed March 1, 1781, which in turn created the American Branch of the Federal                                 government, the Federal Republic, in 1787 under The Constitution for the united States of America.

                        This American Federal Republic has been Missing-in-Action since the Civil War. Only "We the People" can Reconstruct it.......


                                                                                                                                                    Learn More                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The 50 States 
of the Union

                                              Our History - A Deeper Dive
To learn more about our American History and comprehend what happened pre- and post-Civil War, as well as how and why "Reconstruction" was never completed, the following books will enlighten you to what unfolded that brings us to where we are today...