• Correct Your Status

    Correct and reclaim your birthright political status as a Maine State National and an American 
    and return home to the Land and Soil Jurisdiction

 Correct Your Status

Below are the 3 documents you will need in order to correct your political status become an American State National, 

and then  join the Maine Assembly.

Birth Certificate

You will need at least a black and white copy of your Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth from the Town and State of your Birth. 

It is also recommended that you have a certified copy of your Birth Certificate in your possession

Declaration of Political Status

Click here to get the copy of the Declaration of Political Status form. You will complete this document with the Assembly Recording Secretary.

Witness Statements

Click here to get a copy of the Witness Statement form and instructions on how to complete this form. You will need two copies in total, one for each of your Witnesses.  You will also need 2 passport- sized photos, one for each of these two documents.

Is there a Fee to record my status correction paperwork?       Click here to download copy of Recording Fees

After you get your documents together, contact an Assembly Recording Secretary to set up a time to complete your Paperwork

Is there a Fee to record my status correction paperwork?

-See below for FAQs-

After you complete your documents with the Recording Secretary, the final step in the process of correcting your status 

is to Publish them on the Public Land Record. Click the link to create your Member account for the Land Recording Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Fee to record my status correction paperwork?


I am a Veteran. Is there anything special I need to do when I correct my political status?


We have living children. How do we correct their status? 


We are married. Is there any special paperwork we need to do when we correct our status?

Legal Immigrants

I'm a Legal Immigrant born outside the United States of America. Can I become a Maine State National?

Federal Employees

I currently work for the Federal Government. Can I change my political status while I have this job?

928 Document Package

This link takes you to the site where you can access the full 928 document package that used to be required to correct your political status and reclaim your Good Name and Estates.

Once You've Corrected Your Status: